Swiss Crypto Camper

Crypto Valley, Zug, Switzerland

Explore Switzerland Your way.

A modern and comfortable camper

Comfortable and compact

The interior planning is done very well and you have two double beds with good space for four adults. There's also a possibility to get a third double bed using the seats and table.

Floor heating, warm water and insect nets on all windows.

Light and modern

One of the best things is that there's a lot of light inside with big windows to enjoy nice scenery where you've parked. Could even be sunrise or sunset. Or why not watch the stars through the two roof windows? Lots of space for packing as well as a table for dining or working.

Functional pull-down bed

The best bed both for sleeping as well as to get ready in the evening is probably the pull-down bed in the middle of the car. This really makes a big difference and is so easy to use.

The bed is 120cm x 200cm and even fits two adults. It's really a favourite for anyone.

Kitchen, bathroom and big bed

The kitchen has a fridge, cupboards for storing food and it's already stocked with plates, cups and all the things needed for cooking and eating. Bathroom with shower, toilet and warm water for comfort.

A large and comfortable master bed fitting a child in the middle (ca 120 cm). A roof window to watch the stars while you fall asleep.

Bring your bicycles

Bring all your bicycles with you conveniently on the bicycle rack. There's also a lot of other convenient equipment like gas grill, water hose, water canister, tools, sun umbrella, picnic blanket that fits the whole family and many many more useful things to make your trip a success.

Park & enjoy

Just park where you want and enjoy the place to the fullest.

Are you ready for a great time yet?!

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Switzerland's number one camper rental service. Lets anyone rent a camper car and explore beautiful Switzerland the way you want. The Crypto Camper is of course listed as well for your convenience to book.


Find the most beautiful and unique places to stay with your camper around Switzerland. Nomady solves a problem that we all needed who are nature and camper fans. Stay in nature, alone, in the perfect place.

Blockchain Source

The Swiss Crypto Camper is a service made possible by Blockchain Source, a technology consultancy and one of the pioneers in the crypto and blockchain space in the heart of Crypto Valley, Zug, Switzerland.

What people say

Nemanja Kostic, Zürich

This is probably the best way to travel as a family and kids love it. The camper is really spacious and comfortable for a family of four. Just great!

Judith Back, Steinhausen

I've never really thought I'd be a camper, but now as a mom with two kids I can only recommend this to all families. We had a great time and will continue to explore our beautiful Switzerland like this!

Brian Christner, Zug

Absolutely perfect camper and way to travel. I recommend combining it with working remote and staying in nature around Switzerland. So many amazing places! I fully recommend this!

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